How to get your car at Alicante airport

Alicante Airport 1

When you leave the arrivals area, you are in level 0 of the terminal.

When you exit the arrivals hall, please turn left.

Find the lifts and escalators and go up to level 1 in the terminal.

Alicante Airport 2

As you get out of the lifts or escalators, you will see a walkway which connects the terminal and the parking buliding.

Cross the walkway and go to the parking building.

Alicante Airport 3

As you enter in the parking building, you are in the level 4 of the parking. Go to the 2nd floor.

Pass through the doorway marked "A" (on your left).

Pass through the parking.

We are situated in Bay A-148 of level 2.

If there is no staff there when you arrive, please wait as they willl be on their way with your car.

How to leave the car at Alicante airport

Alicante 4
Alicante 5

Drive into the new public parking.

Please, check if it is the public car park.

Alicante 6

Enter through the first entrance, left hand side.

The parking is divided into 2 sections "A" and "B".

We are in section "A".

Please never go into the parking through the two right hand side entrances.

Alicante 7

Go to the 2nd floor in bay nr. A-148.

You will find a vehicle from JAVEA CARS.

Please park close by and deposit the key and the parking ticket in this car.