Bedingungen und Konditionen



                The person renting the vehicle as described on the RENTAL CONTRACT will receive the RENT A CAR in perfect working order with the car documents as well as a complete set of tyres, tools and the compulsory accessories which the renter agrees to return complete and in perfect working order. The driver and all the authorised drivers agree to drive the vehicle in accordance with the Spanish Law on road traffic.

                The following is expressly forbidden and would not be covered by ADDITIONAL INSURANCE COVER:

  • For anyone other than those described on the RENTAL CONTRACT to drive the car.
  • Subletting the vehicle or using it for commercial transportation of goods or people.
  • Driving the vehicle in an unfit state due to alcohol or drug abuse, exhaustion or illness.
  • Use the vehicle for pushing or towing other vehicle or objects.
  • To participate in any kind of competition, races or risk-involving activities.
  • To manipulate or alter any part of the car.
  • Use the car to transporting goods.
  • The vehicle can not be used by the renter for transport purposes on behalf of someone else.


                The person renting the vehicle must hold an U.E. ID valid document and a current DRIVING LICENCE valid for driving in Spain issued at least two years before the rental date and must be at least 28 years old, otherwise the conditions of the RENTAL CONTRACT would be altered accordingly.


                These will be free of charge within the Jávea boundaries, outside this area the charge will be at 0.50 € per km, each way.

                Out of office hours and Sundays & Holidays there will be a supplement charge of 10,- € each service.

                Special terms are set for pick up and delivery services to and from Alicante & Valencia airports.


               The person renting the vehicle shall return it on the date and at the time specified on the contract complete with tyres, tools and accessories as well as the car documents. Any changes should be authorised by the car hire company otherwise the person renting the vehicle would be liable for prosecution and would not be covered by ADDITIONAL INSURANCE COVER.


The person renting the vehicle agrees to pay the rental company:

  • The fees for renting out the vehicle, delivery and pick up services, additonal insurance cover, petrol  and any taxes specified in the rental companies fees, provided the vehicle is returned in accordance to the terms agreed and at previously arranged time and place.
  • There will be a 50.- €  charge for loss of the car documents as well as charges for loss or damage to the accessories provided with the vehicle such as tyre tools or any other equipment.
  • Those renting a vehicle with a radio will be held responsible for any damage to the set.
  • The person renting the vehicle will be liable for any expenses caused by damage  through accident in the following cases:
  1. If the vehicle is used in any way different to the established conditions.
  2. Should the accident report not be presented within the established time limit or should the facts not correspond to what  actually happened.
  3. Should the corresponding additonal coverage not have been obtained.
  • Any fines or legal charges by the person renting the vehicle as regards the highway code or breaking the law.               

6.- Insurance:

The renter and authorized drivers on the RENTAL CONTRACT, have the benefits of an automobile insurance policy arranged by the company for unlimited liability in the following cases:

  • That the renter in case of an accident, sends to the rental company the accident  form with 24 hours of the accident.
  • That the insurance company does not reject the claim, as a result of dangerous driving as expressed in the conditions of the spanish Circulation Code.

 Excluded from the guarantee of insurance are losses, theft or damage to any goods carried within the vehicle.

The insurance contracted by the company covers the renter and authorised drivers of the provision of bail and legal defence that the driver may be required in a criminal case.    

The responsibility of the renter regarding damage to the rented vehicle, always in accordance with the conditions, it is covered with the exception of the amount of EXCESS ESTABLISHED according to the vehicle type or group as indicated in the following table:




200 €


250 €


300 €


700 €


500 €


500 €


500 €


800 €


The EXCESS can be reduced to zero by contracting the “ADDITONAL PERSONAL INSURANCE” based on the costs applied at the moment of completing the contract and as stated on the front page of the RENTAL AGREEMENT. However the renter will always be required to pay the rental company the amount of the vehicle during the repair and the price stipulated in the tariff.

The insurance does not include repair or replacement of tyres due to punctures or damage caused to them.

The rental company is not in any way obligated to replace a damage vehicle.


In the case of an accident the person renting the vehicle agrees:

  • To obtain all the necessary details from the other drivers involved and from any other witnesses, and to hand the ACCIDENT FORM in to the rental company within 48 hours from when the accident occurred.
  • Not to acknowledge any responsibility.
  •  Not to abandon the hire car without taking the necessary precautions to prevent further damage.


The rental company will pay for any expenses during the rental due to lubricating, change of oil or any small repairs except punctures, up to a total of 30.- €, as long as the corresponding bills are provided. This does not include towing expenses in case of accident or breakdown which would be paid for by the person renting the car. Authorization is needed from the company for any repairs over 30.- €.

The person renting the vehicle will be held responsible for any repairs due to inappropriate use of the vehicle and expenses such as towing, transport and the time out of service.


The rental company hereby states to have taken all necessary precautions to prevent any mechanical failures in the vehicle; and, were they to arise, the rental company will not be liable for any accidents or damage produced.


The person renting the vehicle agrees to produce any documentation or information which the court may require and to appear when summoned.

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